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Our Formula;

Expertise + Team Work + Balance + Initiative + Respect = Accomplishments
Value Add Acquisitions

When it comes to value-adding mergers and acquisitions, financials alone don’t ensure success. Our experience, which is supported by longitudinal research from both our partners and group members has shown there are three key elements that increase the likelihood of M&A success.

  • Strategy management: Having a strong rationale for making an acquisition as well as the right methods for screening potential targets

  • Transaction management: Reducing risk by conducting the right valuation, due diligence and negotiation while minimizing handoffs and information loss between these activities

  • Integration management: Mobilizing and focusing the organization on planning and executing on the deal’s strategic rationale both in the near, medium and long term.

We specialize in helping organizations achieve full alignment and integration around strategy. This alignment and integration includes business strategy and growth plans, organizational design, core business processes and leadership selection and accountability.

​Our approach ensures greater buy-in, knowledge transfer, capability development and logically, better results.


Our unique approach separates us from our competitors and ensures our clients’ costs are minimized and integration effectiveness is maximized.


If you’re serious about value-adding mergers and acquisitions and effective integration management, contact us for a brief overview of our approach. It will be time well spent.


Sectors :

  • Multi Family  & Office

  • Industrial & Retail

  • Senior Housing & Healthcare Facilities

  • Hospitality Businesses

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