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Real Estate Investments and Small Business Financing


The first few years are often the most uncertain for small business income. Without established credit, many businesses find it hard to get working capital. This can make it hard to invest in inventory and facilities, or staff up to establish a solid presence and revenue stream. Even as the owner of a well-established business, you can still have a hard time finding a traditional lender who will essentially take a chance on your company. Many small business owners are turning to alternative financing options such as peer-to-peer lending and online pawn shops.

  • Short Term Loans or Invoice Financing Through Alternative and Online Lenders

  • Term Loans Through Alternative and Online Lenders

  • 401k Loans and Rolling Over Tax Deferred Savings

  • Crowdfunding

We collaborate with SBA and walk our clients though the process of identifying the right program for them.

Fred Grant

Finance and SBA Loan Specialist

Get the the finance structured for your next deal whether you are buying or selling. Get the options worked out before a long term financial commitment.


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