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Our Expertise

Our Group offers an unmatched combination of information, analytics and expertise. Our diverse team of professional thought leaders, subject matter experts, analysts and consultants continually advance IHS Markit solutions and capabilities to meet your challenges.

Real Estate Brokerage


Commercial Real Estate is a a component of every business and part of almost every balance sheet. 

We offer a complete range of commercial real estate brokerage services for tenants and property owners in the multi-family, office, industrial, land and retail sectors in Nevada. We offer our customer’s unsurpassed intelligence into the real estate markets in which they operate


Value Add Acquisitions


Value Add commercial real estate investments typically target properties that have in-place cash flow, but seek to increase that cash flow over time by making improvements to or repositioning the property.  This could include making physical improvements to the asset that will allow it to command higher rents, increasing efforts to lease vacant space at the property to quality tenants, or improving the management of the


Private Equity Placement


Within our Group; well mobilize communication & information resources are fundamental in a) analyzing risk profile; & b) establishing strategy critical in delivering expected returns.

Primarily, due to our focus in Real Estate and Business Brokerage in the marketplace we continue to target opportunities that deliver capital appreciation, sustainability and preservation for our group members.


Business Brokerage


Buying or selling your own business can be one of the most difficult aspects of business ownership. With so many businesses for sale and so many prospective buyers, it can be overwhelming just figuring out where to begin.


Fortunately, our Business Brokers provides a local and national network of Business Sales Professionals to help guide you through the buying or selling process.


Property Management


Property Management has the expertise and resources to offer all the services of the national companies, while holding onto the personal, client service of a small one. For too long, the industry model has been one size fits all. However, every property is unique.


Sun’s job is to save its clients money in a challenging economy, and the best way to do that is to apply proven experience with attention to detail.


Small Business Financing


At One Park Financial, we understand that applying for a bank loan can be a long, drawn out process that many small and mid-sized businesses will not qualify for.


We are experts at pairing businesses with the right lenders, and since 2008, we have been making a difference in the lives of business owners across the country.


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